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There are many different childhood liver conditions and problems. Together we call them liver disease. In this section you'll find more information on all the.
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A barrier to early referral is that parents are unaware of warning signs, are sometimes receiving inappropriate reassurance from their GPs or health visitors, or are assuming that symptoms like jaundice are perfectly normal in newborns. But there are danger signs, Sarah says, that healthcare professionals should be aware of, such as jaundice that persists past two weeks of age, yellow-coloured urine and pale stools in newborns — which should prompt further investigation see box.

Identifying liver disease in children

Developed on behalf of families devastated by the consequences of late diagnoses and in consultation with community healthcare professionals, Yellow Alert aims to equip healthcare staff with a greater understanding of the implications of prolonged jaundice in infants. It also sets out a pathway of care to follow to enable earlier diagnosis and appropriate referral, and has the backing of the Royal College of Nursing and the Community Practitioners and Health Visitors Association.

Recent research conducted on behalf of CLDF among health visitors highlights a need for greater understanding of the key signs and symptoms and the need for further investigation. This includes: a concise jaundice protocol, the care pathway algorithm for early identification of liver disease, a stool colour chart bookmark, a poster for health centres and surgeries and an information leaflet aimed at parents and parents-to-be.

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What is alpha-1 antitrypsin deficiency?

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Supportive care — There are some patients who will get better on their own if they receive treatment for their symptoms. Many patients whose condition is caused by a virus get better on their own. Their liver is able to reform itself into a healthy organ. Medicine — When the acute liver failure is caused by a cardiovascular condition or by acetaminophen, it can sometimes be treated with medicine. Medicine may be able to reverse it if given early enough. Metabolic diseases may be treated with medicine or diet if there has not yet been any damage that cannot be reversed.

For most patients whose cause of liver failure is not known, a transplant is the only option. Whether a liver transplant is advised for the child depends on: If the cause of the disease if known The likelihood the transplant will be a success Whether there is a disease in more than one organ or part of the body The amount of brain damage The chances that the brain damage could be reversed after the transplant liver is working.

Liver Disease in Children

Treating encephalopathy — Hepatic encephalopathy always develops when liver failure is sudden and severe. It is treated by trying to prevent the production of toxic products in the liver, which cause the condition. Long-Term Outlook Show.

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