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Volume 21, Issue 9. Special Issue on Our Microbial Overlords: Microbial Control of Host Behaviour. Pages: September
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One single-sided page A4 containing any notes desired is allowed.

Duration: 75 minutes. There will be no make up exams.

Microbiology Research in Extreme Environments

Quizzes are closed book no notes allowed , covering lecture topics and reading assignments. Duration: 15 minutes. There will be no make up quizzes.

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Paper will review a particular microbial phenomenon; it may be related, but not identical to your graduate thesis topic. The paper must be typed, single spaced, pages in length, and contain references to at least 5 journal articles. For a re-take of an examination, all assessments during the course must be re-taken. TVM or equivalent.

Environmental Microbiology

Department with academic responsibility Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering. For more information regarding registration for examination and examination procedures, see "Innsida - Exams".

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Sign In. Course content This course will serve as an introduction to the topic of environmental microbiology. We recently mapped the microbiome population, which was carried with mineral dust particles during dust storms, and discovered that dust storm originating in the Sahara is different from one blowing in from the Saudi or Syrian deserts, and we can see the fit between the bacterial population and the environmental conditions existing in each area.

Environmental Microbiology – Call for papers

The Art of the Fungi. The picture show different fungi species sampled from the air during springtime in Rehovot, Israel by Dr. Naama Lang-Yona.

Photography: Ohad Herches. You are here.

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  • Dendrimers in biomedical applications.
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