Guide A.D.D. on the Job: Making Your A.D.D. Work for You

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Making ADD Work: On-the-Job Strategies for Coping with Attention Deficit Disorder Start reading Making ADD Work on your Kindle in under a minute. This information is largely the same information you can find on websites such as .
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I had a great system. Then I had twins and moved out of state. Everything was fine until I had a surly student…. Or I had to do… Paperwork. You know — grading papers and reporting grades….. I myself have adhd,and agree cosmotology field as im very good hands on and creative. I ALSO enjoy experimenting with todays new hair styles and makeup. I think your field does look like a likely good fit for my daughter, but we both worry that the average wage for cosmetologists in our area is way out of line with high cost of living.

And the for-profit cosmetology schools scare me a bit though luckily we have one community college that offers a program. Any niche career paths in that field that might offer more long term financial security than the averages we are seeing in the labor department statistics? Also, if you are working with clients a lot, could you advise on ways to get good at the time and organization skills a person needs to manage scheduling clients?

Find the right applicants for your open role.

I eventually got a job and a small following but it definitely is very hit or miss. I actually make more money working in food service nowadays then I do doing hair! The industry is also very cut throat and over saturated.

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At my old job, I struggled to complete the paperwork part of my job that should be done daily, but could be put off by a day — somehow, I always put it off and let it pile up for weeks. Juggling the needs of 4 or 5 patients gives me some degree of variety in the tasks that need to be done. How could someone with true ADD become a journalist when they need to write quickly, efficiently and in a timely manner.

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A journalist needs to be organized and punctual. Two components that someone with true ADD does not have. Yet when I see them work they type quickly, accurately, are organized, punctual etc.

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  • In order to start a successful home based business or become a successful entrepreneur a person with ADD needs to get past mental paralysis and procrastination. For 15 years I have tried to get off the ground with some sort of successful online business but mental paralysis, procrastination, boredom, disorganization, exhaustion almost always gets in the way. A dozen breaks, video games, movies, nap and more naps are just a common daily routine for someone who tries to start their home based business.

    I think journalism can be a great career for the right person — I was a newspaper reporter for almost 10 years. It depends on where you work and where you are located.

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    I was undiagnosed throughout my career, so some of my shortcomings could have been easily reduced if I had known. My biggest hurdles were those simple spelling and grammatical mistakes that I made while racing to complete my assignments. My self esteem take a beating, and it always made me look and feel like an amateur. My patience was also tested during tedious tasks like fact checking or waiting on an important source to return my phone calls. Ultimately, I left the career because the newspaper industry continued create fewer opportunities. Excuse my typos, by the way.

    My mom is super ADHD, and she was a successful journalist for 15 years. She covered the Lifestyle section and had a weekly column. To this day twelve years later she is so beloved in our town for her reporting that we have standing free tickets to any performance we want to see. You should keep in mind that symptoms vary from person to person. I do my best work like this.

    I worked in tv with journalists and it seemed the ADD mob were well represented. Gotta say though that what they felt were strengths routinely made a lot of logistical trouble. Egos meant those problems continued unacknowledged. Might look into that! After working as a bookkeeper, paralegal and other soul sucking jobs, I became a freelance writer. I plan my articles, know my deadlines and can work with that. Yes, I hyperfocus sometimes, and other days, I have 52 tabs open and music is coming from somewhere.

    Email and phones work too. Learn your weak areas and either improve or find a way to work around them. Trust me, I feel your pain with struggling with deadlines and being punctual. I definitely struggle with those things as well. Finishing reports or essays in college was particularly difficult for me. So what you might think as impossible for people with ADD is not completely true. On my own, it would be very difficult. Experiment and try new things to help and try to overcome your weaknesses.

    My tendency to take all my tasks, at home, at work; this is universal, and my mind wants to process them all at once.

    A.D.D. on the Job: Making Your A.D.D. Work for You by Lynn Weiss

    I cannot multi-task. I need to start and complete tasks one one project at a time. Otherwise, I end up becoming overwhelmed and my functioning plummets. Planning ahead is my most challenging disability; I have always had problems showing up without needed material; not planning the correct amount of time for a task, going blank during a presentation, and I have to suck up every off work moment to plan something for the next day at work.

    ADHD As A Difference In Cognition, Not A Disorder: Stephen Tonti at TEDxCMU

    Therefore, I think teaching would be hell for me. I agree completely! Analysis Paralysis is what I suffer from! I research something on the internet ex. The last job became a nightmare because they were having us run 2 clinics that are completely different. I work hard and I can get things done fast. So at 36 I changed my mind and went for a different field to earn my bachelors degree in forensics.

    I know this is the right choice for me but it may not be right for someone else with ADHD. Whoah… Yeah… no I think a lot of these would result in organizational paralysis… My husband owned his own dog training business when I met him took my puppy to class and he was the teacher! Meeting new clients, new challenges, that was all good…. The biggest thing for me is the ability to self-manage and switch tasks as needed.

    When I get bored of doing financials, I update our website. If I get bored with administrative work, I switch to financials. It is the ability to be creative and switch tasks when focus wanes that are good jobs for those with ADHD. Nine was how long it needed to be.